Sunday, July 25, 2004

Church stuff

Anyone who knows me knows I am a fairly religious person.  I recently (like within the past month or two) started attending a different church (just a different group of people, same beliefs and stuff).  This particular group was supposed to be a good place to socialize with some of my peers.  people about my age, people I am not related to.  Also, it was a graceful way to get out of teaching the nine year old class I had (I like them, but enough is enough).  anyway I'm not all that great at the whole getting to know people but I was doing all right.  Starting to get used to faces and even learn a few names.  In short I was really enjoying it.  Today, they decided to split up our group into like 3 or 4 more locally centered groups.  I suppose I support their decision.  It was logical, rational, and probably ultimately good, but it sucks. 

I'll try to work on being more optimistic.  By next week I may love it. 

On a vaguely different line, we had a big church superactivity last weekend.  a camping trip at the sand dunes national monument (in Colorado).  cool place.  freakin 5 hour drive from north Denver.  It was good to hang out with everyone, talk.  But the real reason we went all the way down there was to see this big celebration that they were having in Manassa.  Manassa is a little Mormon town.  Emphases on little.  being the 24th of July (big as the 4th of July in Utah), they were having a bit of a party with a parade, carnival, barbecue, rodeo, and demolition derby.  Sounded awesome.  in reality, it was a bit disappointing.  I did ride a mechanical bull though.  Stayed on pretty well.  Beat my brother anyway.  I also saw an alligator farm.  I'm not sure if the alligators or the swampfolk running the thing were the stranger sight.  the alligators were cool though.  I held one.  The bigger alligators growled at us, and the ostriches kind of opened their mouths and hissed.  spit a little too.  I'm not really sure why there were ostriches.  also there was a chicken.  I really don't know what was up with that.  There's not much between you and the alligators though.  Just a chain link fence.  It's a good thing alligators are so lazy. 

On the way back up here, we stopped at Garden of the Gods.  If you're ever around Colorado Springs, I would recommend this one.  They have some nice trails to walk on with the coolest freakin rocks.  Apparently there is climbing allowed on some of them, but I didn't catch which ones it was allowed on. 

That's about it for now.  I'll try to get back sooner, but really.  It could be a couple months.