Saturday, October 22, 2005

The big one

So, today's the big day. I'm heading out in a bit to take the Mensa test. I'm not normally nervous about tests, especially IQ sort of tests, but they don't accept pretty good on this, they want top two percent. I should have no problem relaxing about this though, it's not like anything really matters here. There are no scholarships or jobs that I know of based on Mensa membership. Still, It's something I've been wanting to do for as long as I can remember. I'll probably have another post on this later today or early tomorrow, with the results. Unless it takes some time to get the results back.

That's not all that's going on today. October 22nd, 2005 must have some kind of otherworldly attraction, making all people want to host an event right now. There's just too much going on today. My nephew is having a birthday party today. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to make it, but it would be cool.

That's not one of the biggest events, they get bigger.

There's a church superevent. Some big all day activity. By all day I just mean from 8:30am to 11:30pm. They've got a bunch of speakers and probably lunch. After this, I'm sure they'll break for dinner and then begin the dance. I like church dances okay, which is not to say that I like them. Mostly I just like the loud music and the bright lights, when they have lights, and seeing a bunch of people. I've never been much for dancing. I like the concept, but I fail miserably in the actual practice. Also, the music at these things is somewhat of a gamble. The last one I went to was mostly rock and electronica. It was great. But, a lot of the time they focus more on the R&B side of dance music. Detestable. Also, that's usually not such a good fit for a church dance, but since when were standards and common sense such good buddies. Anyway, this dance is a bit different from most of them. There is supposed to be some sort of dance instruction bit before the dance. They are going to try to teach us to dance. I think that could be very good. The thing that I hate so much about trying to dance is that all people ever tell you is that you can't do it wrong, there are no rules. That's a load. Everything has rules, and I've seen it done so wrong. Besides, whenever I try what these people tell me to do they tell me it's wrong. Freakin' liars. I think I'm fairly adept at moving along to the rhythm of a song, but having some actual steps to follow would be a lot prettier than randomly thrashing around. Besides, chicks dig it.

That's still not quite all.

The dude I've been working with this last week is a character. He's seriously into biking, and his bike "club". I've been to his biker bar a few times. It's kind of cool and all, just not so much a place I think I'd want to go alone at night. I don't think I'd get hurt, mugged, or whatever, but I don't think they take kindly to strangers in their bar. Also, some of the guys I've seen there are into a lot more heavy biker "clubs". They do seem like cool enough guys, but I wouldn't want to mess with them. Anyway, starting at this bar is one of two big bike runs they have per year. This is the graveyard run. It involves riding from graveyard to graveyard downtown, finding graves of people who have been killed by the state for being werewolves, vampires, and witches. Along the way you collect playing cards, and there's some kind of contest involved with those. Then, everyone meets back at the what the hell saloon, and then from there they go back to their various club-houses and have some huge parties. The Halloween party at this guys clubhouse reportedly runs until dawn. From what I understand there is likely to be beer, strippers, and pot at this party. I was invited to the run and the party, but I've got this test when the run is going, and to be honest, the party sounds like just a bit much for an old Mormon boy like me. My nephew's birthday party is probably more my speed. Cake, ice cream, presents, and it's over. I can probably handle all of that.

Anyway, big day. I'm not even doing half of that. I was thinking I'll probably come back home after the test. Hang out at the birthday party for a while. It won't be all that long anyway. Then, unless something better comes up I'll probably head off to wherever the Mormon thing is, see some friends there, and try out this dancing thing. Maybe meet some new people, but realistically, that doesn't seem to be how I meet people. The Mensa bit should be good for that though, assuming I'm in. Well, here goes. Wish me luck and all.

Saturday, October 8, 2005


It seems that mensa is having some national testing day again. I've wanted to test for mensa for a while now, but last time they had one of these testing days, the testing locations were on the other side of the state. Colorado, not one of those little eastern states. This time around there is a testing location about half an hour away. I still need to call and register with them, but if all goes well I should have some good news.

Still now new job, but I've started to put more effort into looking again. I've also thought about finding something closer and less demanding for the interim, but I don't think I really want to add another one to the list for no good reason. And, the job may be physically demanding but that's not without it's good points either. I might change my mind about that though. It's a lot easier to like my job when I'm not right about to head back for another week.

This one's a bit of a short post, but I should have some more good stuff before the month is out.