Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Thermite

So thermite making was a bust.  At least the thermite lighting was.  I've heard it's a bit hard to get going, but I thought the magnesium ribbon would do it.  Looks like I've got to either try when it's a bit warmer out, as the magnesium itself went out a few times, so I imagine the thermite might be a little resistant to lighting, or I've got to find some new method for lighting it.  Otherwise, maybe my thermite is the problem.  If I do get the problem worked out, I'll have to do a good post.  MJ got some good before pictures, but what good is that without some really good after pictures. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Vincent Black Shadow

The Vincent Black Shadow is easily one of my favorite bands. It doesn't hurt any that they put on such a good show. MJ and I went to see them tonight, and they didn't disappoint. She even went up on stage after they were done, and got a drumstick for me from the drummer. We got stuff signed by them, and they were just all around cool. Thanks to Samara, by the way, for watching Jack-Jack for us. I'm glad he wasn't too much trouble.

There were a couple of decent bands opening for them too. Nim Vind was the better of the two. The guitarist for TVBS was playing with them, and then the Nim Vind bassist played with TVBS. It was pretty cool. The other cool band was called Creature Feature. They were entertaining, but I didn't get their CD like I did the other two. Berserk, next time I'm over remind me to bring the CDs. I think you'd like hearing them. There was one more band, I think it was the Royal Dead or something. Their instrumental work was awesome. I really liked how they had an actual stand up base. The vocals however were just some of that screaming crap you get in punk and heavy metal sometimes. I'm wondering though, if they sound better recorded.

Anyway, Cassandra Ford was impressive. I loved seeing so much attitude come out of such a small woman, when the scrawny pricks next to us thought they'd be funny, and gave her some crap along the lines of, "take off all your clothes." She just snapped out a quick, "F*** you!" and she and the guitarist went on some little rhyme I don't quite remember which was clever, funny, and put the little punks back in their place.

As usual, it was great spending some time with my wife. It's been too long since we've gone out and done something like this. It was a bit different having the baby at home. This may be the longest he's ever been with a sitter, so it was great that it was one of his favorite aunts (he has two aunts who he prefers over just about anyone else in his extended family).

So, all of you who don't know them already, and are interested in good music (the kind they don't play enough of on the radio) go check out Nim Vind, and The Vincent Black Shadow. I don't think you'll be disappointed.