Friday, January 6, 2006

No Work Today...

I called in to work this morning, like they have me doing lately, to see if they needed me. Turns out they didn't. That makes exactly one week with no work. That's always a nice thing when you asked for it, but when it just happens it's not really so great. At least I don’t need to go in Monday to turn in one of those pesky sheets with my hours written down so I can get paid. I mean it's such a drag to get paychecks. Not that a paycheck would be overwhelmingly huge these days. My last week I had eighteen hours to put down, and the one before that I had twelve. I never did plan on staying here as long as I have, but this kind of drives home how much I don't want to be in this business.

I think I'm adding computers to the list of businesses I don't want to be in. I don't have any great dislike for them, but when I started working on that career path I thought that it would be easy, easy to get into and lucrative. It seems that while they are relatively easy to work with the business is not easy to get into, and once in, it's not lucrative. I could probably get in okay if I took a load of classes on other computer things, try to broaden a bit. I've got the CISCO networking stuff, and the A+ hardware stuff down alright, but that's not enough given the job market.

Thing is, I'm not so sure I ever really cared about this job field that much, I just thought it would be the next logical step. So, the current job selection is EMT. That's right, an ambulance guy. Beats being a fire alarm guy. The initials for ambulance guy are much less offensive. Besides, I understand this is a good career for deciding if you could hack it in the medical field. One semester of college is a lot less than four years plus med school, so the initial investment is reasonable too. Besides, I think I might actually like this job for what it is and there are other things that this can lead to. I've been reading up on it, and a lot of paramedics go on to other jobs in the medical field, like physical therapy, or nursing. And it seems that these things pay more than I would have guessed. I'd like to say that that isn't really important to me, that I'm doing it just to help people, but when you don't have money and you have to live with your parents, money gets a bit more important. Well, that ought to be enough post for one month. Course, I'm a month behind, but maybe I'll get another one up here while it's still January.