Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's a boy!

I'll have pictures of my son up once I've got my computer up and running again. I'm sending this from my in-laws' which has a scanner, but no decent software to do anything with the pictures once I've got them.

So, we went to get an ultrasound. They found all the fingers and arms and stuff, and then they found what looks suspiciously like a penis. We got three pictures this time, and you can see a bit more than in the others.

Other news, we're moving into the in-laws' instead of living in their yard. It turns out that the joy of having your own space just isn't worth living in a camper. It's not bad though. We'll have a couple of rooms once I get the second one a bit more cleared out, and we'll likely have a third once the baby comes. School's going pretty well, even the scary 'get whitey' class, partially because she has been focusing more on actual material, and partially because the other students commiserate. It's a little tough getting everything done, but I'm managing the eighteen credits alright.