Monday, June 11, 2007


Alright, I'm set up here with an internet connection and everything. Problem is, it's intermittent at best. I think the distance between me and the router has something to do with it. The signal has the full length of a double wide to get through, plus the wall of this camper. I've seen and heard of worse starter homes for newly married couples to live in, but this camper thing is not quite as pleasant as MJ seems to think. It turns out though, that living in a camper next to the in-laws is much like living with the in-laws. We frequently go over there for dinner. Especially on Sundays. I grilled some wicked awesome steaks last week, and some wicked awesomer ribs yesterday. They all loved it. It's nice to be appreciated. Besides, anytime someone else is buying the meat, I'll gladly cook and eat it.

We got the house leveled again yesterday. It was level before, but the feet sink a bit in the mud, and it has to be redone. Eventually we should have hot water in here, which should go nicely with the cold water we've already got. Showering out here will be much more pleasant. Usually we go inside for that. We're supposed to have heating and cooling before too long here too. The heater works, and it's possible that the cooler works too, but with the thermostat in it's current state, neither one really do much of anything. We also laid pipe to connect to the septic tank, and are wired in to the house. I've got no complaints about the electricity. That's the one thing we've got down flawless here. The septic is mostly good too. I can't say I'm a big fan of emptying the tank. Eventually, I hope to again live where poo just magically goes away forever, somewhere that doesn't have little trap doors in the bottom of the toilet. I know it seems like science fiction, but I've always liked the cutting edge of technology.

Anyway, it's been educational. I got to use a billy goat (for cutting down tall crap, not the actual goat kind), and ride a tractor lawn mower. Also, there's a pond nearby, and I know more about fly-fishing now than I ever did. I'm still looking forward to the next place we'll live, but things seem to be coming along okay for now.