Thursday, October 23, 2008

So I know I'm supposed to be a genius and all, but...

I can be pretty retarded sometimes. I just walked down to the bus stop last night. That takes 15 minutes. I waited about 17 minutes for the bus, rode it for 13, and got off to head across the parking lot to my car. Then I remember that I left my car downtown today, wait another 17 minutes for the bus to head up to its other stop farther north, turn around, and pick me up for another 13 minute ride downtown. I walk back to campus (another 15), and am back where I started an hour and a half after I tried to go home. Throughout all of this, it's thirty seven degrees out. A half hour drive later in a heated car, and I'm home.

At least I'm not the guy I just walked past in the bathroom who seemed to be either warming or drying his butt with the hand dryer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cold Weekend

The weekend before this one I went on what was maybe my third event with VERT, the group that does the first aid at all these scout events. It was, as the Wizard said, a very cold campout. I slept in a big tent on a cot (I think I've got to get one of those), and I kept warm enough. Strangely, there was not a single patient the whole time I was there. Usually we at least get a few scouts who get too cold, or too dehydrated, or something. It was a good weekend not to have any problems though, as VERT was spread between a couple of different campouts that weekend.

When I got home, and regained cell service, I found that my son had gotten sick. This was the first time he's been really sick, and it has not been fun. There hasn't been much sleep, including the night before my physics midterm when I got about an hour of sleep. Stroke of luck though, the professor didn't have nearly enough tests printed up, so rather than deprive most of the class of their test time while he ran around trying to make more copies, he made it a take home test. Seems I'll be getting a good enough score on that one after all. I was really not too optimistic.

Jack-jack seems to be better now. MJ's been pretty impressive with him too, including totally taking him one night (the one after the test) and letting me sleep on the couch in the other room without complaining that I'm not doing enough. He's still got a nasty diaper rash as a result of the diarrhea which was a result of the antibiotic, but he's got his appetite back, and he's crawling around getting into stuff we don't want him to have.