Wednesday, September 29, 2004


    It's been a while since I've updated Vociferor. I never really finished my last round of updates, but I don't especially like the direction it's heading in. I've got to do some work on it. Change something around. Something.

    It's been a while since I've written anything here either. I guess there's just not much going on aside from school, climbing, and church. But here goes.

    I'm heading up to Utah this weekend. See some old friends and all. Should be a hoot. I'm leaving Friday, and coming back on Monday before school, so we'll have a couple of days.

    I've also started as a volunteer membership clerk at church. It amounts to maintaining records, and making a directory. It sounds a little odd, but I was all kinds of excited to be offered this position. It's not like it pays or anything, it's just nice to be able to help, and this is something I can do pretty easily.

    I've been reconsidering which technical certifications I am going to go for here. I already have my CCNA, and am taking a class in A+. The class is mostly review, and polishing some things up, but I hear the software portion will be covering some slightly more unknown information. There is also a class I'm taking in Solaris. It's basically a unix class. I can apparently get a certification there too. Lately I've been wondering about a Microsoft Windows Server kind of thing, to round stuff out, or a Networking+, since I've already got most of that down with Cisco. I may just have to see where this all goes.

    Also, theres some dweeb I keep seeing all too often at school. Not a friend or anything, just someone who seems to have more time than personal skills, and is always hanging around. He tends to pop in from time to time, jump into your conversation, and inject his own brand of stupidity. I don't have any major problems with someone who has an opinion I don't share, but this guys arrogance is just a bit too much to stomach.
    I was sitting there discussing religion, and evolution with someone, and the dweep, who shall henceforth be called Skippy, stopped by with a few tidbits of his own. First he interupted us, to guess what we were talking about, and after three wrong guesses we just told him. Then he told us that monotheism is the peak of religion, and that no scientific advancements have ever been made by anyone who is not monotheistic.
    He explained how the first religions were basically just people worshipping nature, followed by people worshipping forces, gods, behind nature, followed again by people worshipping one all powerful god. That much I can kind of see, but I think he's over simplifying. The big problem is his statement that only a monotheistic religion can make any advances. Is he totally unaware of the ancient Greek civilization, or for that matter, anything more current in Japan or India.
    He didn't stop. He went on after some argument to tell us that Christianity is such a great religion because it allows for more variance among its sects than any other religion. He said you can find Christians who are very pious and devout, and Christians who are very laid back. I pointed out that Christianity, in it's beginning, was a radical Jewish sect, so therefore Judaism is more encompassing than Christianity could ever be. Besides, you can find the variance he was talking about in pretty much any religion. If you like Christianity that's fine, but it's not the only religion.

    That was my first encounter with him. Another day, as he was walking by, Skippy turned around and said, "Mastery of everything, that is what I seek," which would have been bad enough, but he went on with, "That is why I am slowly driving myself insane." Get a freakin' grip man. WTF! You're not insane man, you're just a moron. And mastery of everything? Put down the rpg for a minute and breathe man.

    Then today, we're all watching TV, and he drops by for a little visit to let us know just what he thinks about the show we're watching. There's a guy who needs a web page so he can go there with his opinions, and we can all ignore him properly. As is, Skippy must die.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


I don't say this often enough, but I love MREs. Considering the Western Beans, and the Mexican Style Rice have been sitting in a box on my floor for quite some time, been put in storage for a while longer, left in a backpack for a while, and not even warmed up, they taste pretty good. It's not like I'm even starving or anything. Just hungry, and my MREs are in high need of rotation.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm kind of big on emergency prep. I suggest you get some yourself. You can get them at the Saratoga Trading Company. Looks like they have some nice packages set up. You can get a box of 12 complete meals with entrees, sides, beverages, and crap for $64.99. That should last a wee bit.

I'm not saying they're any better than a fine dining experience at your favorite restaurant, but they pretty much beat the holy ever-loving crap out of, say, Lunchables. Especially after a few years. I'm not even sure I'd eat the Lunchables. Might harvest me some mold off of them though. That's good eatin'.