Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ever want to beat someone?

Just a quick one here.  I saw a guy at school today with a shirt that just made me want to beat the crap out of him.  On the back was a picture of a stick-man dropping a star of david in a wastebasket, and the caption said, "Keep Palestine Clean."  I may not be Jewish or anything, but I'd like to kick the guy in the nuts anyway. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dr. Phil?

So I was reading over one of those fun surveys that makes its way around emails/blogs/phones. I don't fill them out except under extreme circumstances, and I generally don't read more than the first couple of lines. This one was my wife's, so I at least skimmed the whole thing. I have to say it worries me just a little that the person she would most like to meet is Dr. Phil, and that she would be on the show if she had something good enough. Eww. I'm comfortable enough to sit and watch most episodes of Phil (Not Oprah, Wudan, that's all you), but being on the show, no way. So, MJ, don't get your hopes too high.

This semester's going pretty well. Calculus was a bit rough starting off. There's just so much math from other classes that I either took too long ago, or tested out of, so it's taking a bit to get back into things. It's going alright now. Chemistry and Ethics are just a bit on the challenging side, which is good. Biology on the other hand, is entirely to elementary. After the third week I thought it was picking up, as we were talking about various proteins involved in intracellular structure. Then it went back to old old review material about phospholipid cell membranes. I've gone over most of the stuff we talk about in biology in four previous classes. The worst was yet another explanation about the periodic table of elements, and electron configuration. I'm sure we'll get to some new stuff in a bit, but wow.

Everything else is going pretty well though. My son has a fourth tooth, so two up and two down now. And, I'm looking forward to Valentines Day tonight. MJ and I have been doing a nice steak dinner at home since the Valentines Day before we were married, and Its much nicer than heading out to some restaurant (however nice) and putting up with a three hour wait (if not just a bit longer), like I've done in the past. Hope everyone else has a good holiday too.