Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I got a job, not the purposeful kind, just the kind you have when you have nothing better to do. It involves a lot of waiting. In between waiting I push a button and read a line to a guy over a radio. Then I wait. I'm glad to have the work, but it's not where I pictured my life after college. I'm still working on finding a job, but at least now I'm not unemployed, I'm underemployed.

I got a girlfriend too. This one lasted more than a week, which is a new record. I'm quite happy with that. She wasn't even crazy or unstable or anything. We don't date anymore. Apparently women like to feel wanted and appreciated. They don't like to have to make all of the moves. They like a guy who takes some initiative. I don't do that so much. It seems that I have a couple more issues than I knew. We're still friends and all. I'm going over there with some other friends to watch some movies tonight. I'm glad things turned out so well, because she really is an awesome girl, and we were pretty good friends beforehand.

I still miss going to school. I liked having something worthwhile to do. I liked thinking that my life was going somewhere soon, like things were about to really take off. I wish I could still believe that, but maybe it will be easier once I've got a more solid career type job. My father tells me that I should be looking for the type of job where you sit there and answer phones, and try to troubleshoot for people. That's not too bad I guess, it would be more relevant to my education than what I'm doing now working with fire extinguishers and alarm systems, but I thought I would be able to do better than that with the certifications and degree I hold. My future brother in law does that kind of work without any completed college.

That, sums up the entire month. I seriously hope I'll be posting again early July with great news of great jobs and crap. Until then.