Saturday, August 28, 2004


I heard a song a while ago driving home, liked it, had no idea who it was. It had a line that said, "I'm losing my favorite game" so I looked it up using that. Turns out The Cardigans are more gifted than I knew. Awesome group. I thought Lovefool was good, but Favorite Game? I'm going to have to look into some more of this stuff.

I was driving home from some church activity. They had some dating game setup. I won me two dates. Great people. Not really sure when the last time I had a date was. Kind of busy with school and all I guess. Something. Not that I'm complaining, I can guarantee things are a whole lot less complicated this way. I mean, now I have to figure out when and how I'm going to date these two. Some guys just get dumped on I guess.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Back to School

I know I've already posted twice this month, and once today, and really, what blogger worth their own crap posts more than once a month, but there is stuff happening, and this really didn't belong with my other post. School starts up today. I've been looking forward to this. After this semester I'll just be a couple of classes away from an associates degree in wide area networking. I've already got my CCNA, and a certificate from the college in networking, and after this semester I should be able to certify for A+ as well. Life is good for the moment. Few things could make it better, maybe money, love, or power, but who doesn't always want those.

Maybe I should get books some time soon.

War in the Middle East

We went over some interesting stuff in church yesterday. Talking about war and all. There were a couple of people there who have relatives in the war in the middle east right now, and there was some interesting discussion, but the thing that stuck out in my mind the most was out of the lesson, a quote from David O. McKay, former president of the church, just after the bombing of pearl harbor.

There are, however, two conditions which may justify a truly Christian man to enter mind you, I say enter, not begin-a war: 1) An attempt to dominate and to deprive another of his free agency, and, 2) Loyalty to his country. Possibly there is a third, viz., Defense of a weak nation that is being unjustly crushed by a strong, ruthless one.

I don't know why, but that just seemed to hit home. Really I can't think of any other reason to enter a war than these. The defense of freedom, and I say freedom not democracy, is really the greatest reason to fight. I don't consider myself a pacifist, but physical violence should really be restricted to uses like this, or to defend oneself, one's loved ones or the laws of one's nation.

There are people in and out of our country who protest America's involvement in the middle east, and I don't really believe that Iraq had a major roll in the bombing of 9/11, or that there were necessarily weapons of mass destruction, but Saddam Hussein is an evil man. He rules his country like a wife beater rules his family, and neither of these things should be allowed to exist if there is any power in the world capable of stopping them. If that's America, and regardless of individuals within, or countries without who are selfishly worried about their own image, I'm just glad someone is doing something.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I haven't made a post in August yet. I must be slipping. Or slipped. Currently making my website work. it looks nice, but has no content. I have content, just not in it.
I should have stuff in there soon. It's been a hoot.

Schools starting up again this month. Looking forward to that. I have computer hardware and operating system classes this semester. Those may bore many people, but I'm about to piss myself. It should be fun. Tuition however is not fun to anyone. I now have no money, and since I have no job. It's going to take a minute to save up some money.

I shouldn't say I'm broke. Truth is I have -895 Dollars. Far from broke. 895 dollars away from broke, just in the wrong direction.

Working on the whole job thing. Turned in a few applications, had an interview. Be hearing back about it on Friday (in two days). I have a good feeling about it. I also have a twisted gut about it. Also, I'm not totally sure it will be all that great, but having no money certainly isn't a day at the beach. Not that I like the beach a whole lot. The sand and waves are cool, but I'm just not a big sunsine person.

Church doesn't suck as much as I was thinking. It's a smaller group than I am used to, so I'm sure they will be looking for some more volunteering, but I'll be sure to let them know when I don't want to play anymore. Besides, the small group thing isn't too bad. Less names to learn. Sort of a closer group in theory, but I've never been much for closeness.

Speaking of closeness, I think dating has got to be about the most akward thing anyone has ever thought up. It makes one want to vomit, or not vomit. It's not unpleasant, just nerve racking, sometimes painful, and frequently unsettling. There have to be some theories behind it all, but they are about as user friendly as calculus. No sense whining about it anymore though. That should pretty much do it.