Monday, March 6, 2006

Two Months to the Day...

Two months to the day since my last post. I've got to work on that. It's really not that nothing is going on in my life. On the contrary, my life has been ridiculously complicated lately. I haven't made time to write anything here. I've barely even made time to do my laundry and brush my teeth.

I'm halfway through the semester, give or take a week, and school is going great. I'm loving the classes, and I'm doing quite well in them. I have a slight ever present fear of failing once I get into the field, but that's probably a good healthy thing, given the fact that I will be working with human lives.

Aside from school, life is going well. Well enough. I've got a girlfriend. Things are more serious with her than they have ever been with anyone before. We've been seeing each other since January 28th. We went out on our one month, we went rock climbing and she took me out for dinner on my birthday, and I took her out for a nice dinner on valentines day. Valentines day was a first for both of us. That's one holiday that really is a lot better with someone to spend it with it turns out.

Problem is, she's possessed.

A friend of hers gave her a super-poseable Gollum action figure because of this. She's got a totally sweet side, but then she's got the whole evil thing going for her too. I'm never really sure who I'm going to get. It makes her a little tough to deal with sometimes although overall I'd say she's worth the trouble.

She's got her reasons I'm sure. I know her last relationship ended badly. Really badly, as in a fiance joined the army and told her he met someone else. All this after dating for over a year, off and on a bit from what I understand. I guess I'd have a bit of trouble getting close to people after that, but that bastard really hurt her, and he sure left things complicated for me. I halfway hope he gets himself killed out there, but I think that even after all this time she would take that pretty hard.

Well, that's the last couple of months summed up. We'll see how things go from here.