Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bad cars and dead cats

My car is pretty bad. It's had progressively worse trouble starting lately. I thought this was due to a failing starter, but after replacing the starter I'm still getting nothing. I've got a couple ideas to work on though. Hopefully something will work out with the monster.

I may have the worst car in the household, but if you include those in the family who have moved out, I only have the second worse vehicle. Berserk and Valkyrie's van had some trouble today, and by trouble, I mean it's mobile in the same way that a mobile home is mobile. I've pushed cars that didn't work before, but this thing is a beast. It seems to be something electrical, and my car fixing skills being what they are, I just drove Valkyrie and the kids where they were going. We did manage to push the car a bit, so it isn't sticking out into the street anymore, but that's all we managed.

In other news, school went well today. I cut up more cat. That's always a hoot. We found all of the blood vessels we were looking for without too much difficulty. When they do all of the preserving of these laboratory raised cats they inject the veins with blue latex, and the arteries with red. It's supposed to make them easy to find, but when they injected ours they seem to have had some major spilling out of the right carotid, so most of the arteries were just kind of fleshy colored, and not so easy to find. Still not too bad, but we had to get the instructor to let us know if we had a few of them correctly.

On and interesting side note regarding the cat, one of my lab partners keeps on trying to name the thing, but she always gives it dog's names. If anyone has any good names for a dead cat, let me know.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

EMT Job Hunt

I completed the IV clinical last friday. I started ten IVs successfully that day for a lifetime total of twelve, and I failed four of them. I'm not too down about the ones that I missed though, the tech who I was following around tried them too, and also missed them. As soon as I got the eighth for the day (to meet the required total of ten) the tech I was following had to switch jobs with someone else so he could sit at the front desk for a while. He had some pretty intense lower back pain going on.

Things were boring for a little while, until I got sent around with a new tech. The new guy seemed much more into his job, and less angry at life altogether. It could have something to do with a lack of back pain. I started a couple more IVs under the new guy, he had some good pointers, and said that I was the best IV student he's seen. Very smooth and confident.

Anyway, as of two days ago I am officialy IV certified. Now I get to start on the whole get a job thing. Assuming the job hunt goes well enough I should be able to start paramedic school next fall semester.