Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pictures Galore

Well, I've got those ultrasound pictures scanned in, as well as a few more. We had to get another ultrasound. This one was a level two, which means it's done in a different place, by a more skilled specialist. Also, it means we got some of those 3D pictures. They didn't turn out too clear, but here's the whole mess of them.

First, the ones from a while back:

And, from the second set:

This one is more from the front, and catches a yawn:

And here's the first of the 3D, the one that turned out the best:

And the other one:

So, it was pretty cool being there for the 3D imaging. You can see a bit more on the screen than you can in these two shots, especially the second one. It all just makes me look forward more to January 23rd.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Look Alike Face Morpher

I came across this one on one of my friends sites on MySpace. I didn't have (or want to use) a picture of myself, so I used a link to a picture of the Mona Lisa. It found the other one. Try it out, it's a hoot!