Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hate to do it, but I've had to delete a couple of spam comments now, so I'm going to have to put up the word verification. I suppose this will make my wife happy. She likes to try to pronounce the things, and gets just a bit too excited when they sound like a word. You all may have noticed that she sometimes includes the word verification word in her comment, but you should see it on this side of the internet. I don't remember the last time she's left a comment while I'm around, and not told me what the word is. I have decided to find it cute.

Not that I blog too often or anything. This has been a busy semester, and this will be a busy week. Seems when they hit, they hit. The checklist includes the following:

X Midterm Lab Practical for Biology Lab
X C. Fern Lab Report for Biology Lab
_ Glycolysis Test, Part II for Biochem
_ Carboxylic Acid Test Part I for Ochem
_ Carboxylic Acid Test Part II for Ochem (He's been doing 2 tests per week)
_ Plantae Test for Biology
_ Experimental portion of lab writeup for Ochem Lab
_ Book Review for Nuclear Dilemmas
X Radical Evil Reading for Philosophy Sr. Seminar

Yeah, it will be a fun week. Three down, four more for the week, and two more as soon as I can manage. Also, MJ's going back to work tomorrow. I don't know how we'd manage without MJ's mother and sister helping with the kids, but that doesn't mean things will be easy. There is a total of one day a week we'll have off together, so unless it's Sunday, I'll either be at school or watching the kids. It might be tough to find time for the next round of busy when it hits.