Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dog Glasses?

I didn't know they made glasses for dogs, but someone does. I'm driving along and I see a bulldog-type dog sticking its head out of the window. Then I do a double take. The dog has some rather stylish, lightly tinted glasses. They're not exactly sunglasses, and they're staying on a bulldog with it's head out of the window, so I can only assume that they are prescription glasses made for dogs. Either some people out there just have too much money, or I just don't have enough.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Vincent Black Shadow

I can add another one to my concert count now. I recommend The Vincent Black Shadow to anyone. They've got three brothers on drums, guitar, and bass. Then, there's Cassandra Ford on vocals. I've never seen such big sounds come out of such a small person, but she's really what makes the band. I've got the CD, and got it signed by the band. They've got a bit darker sound than most, and for style I'd place them somewhere between early No Doubt, and Garbage. They're still pretty small, but I could see them going somewhere.

I've been working on fire extinguishers for a few weeks now. I really don't like the job some days, but it's going to pay for the honeymoon, Disneyworld, so it can't be all bad. My boss wants me to take an overnight trip some time this week to some of our more distant clients. I can't imagine that they have no better alternative for their extinguisher inspection needs, and I don't understand why he takes jobs that involve four hours of driving before we get there, but he's the boss, and I get paid hourly, so I can't complain too much. I can complain a bit though. Especially when it involves a night away from home in a city I don't know. I'm sure I'll find something to do, but I'd rather be around people who I know.

The plan, professionally, is still to find a job at a hospital as a tech. There are a few snags though. Seems so far that I've got a bit of a knack for starting to study professions which dry up once I've finished getting certified. I think I'll be heading back to school fall semester though. This time with student loans most likely. I can look for medical jobs or volunteer work while I do that to work up some experience. MJ says she's fine working while I'm in school. I'm hoping she can find an alright job, the kind with benefits, good pay, and regular hours. She's currently delivering pizzas, which has none of these.

I think finishing off my bachelors degree should help open a few doors. I'm hoping that once I have a bachelors I'll be able to find one of those programs where a small town pays for you to go to medical school, and then you have to work there for a few years. I know a small town in Nevada that's done this a few times in the past, and there could be otheres. At that point, if I choose to move back to somewhere that has stoplights and more restaurants than I can count on one hand I'll be an experienced doctor.