Thursday, February 24, 2005


It's been a few days. My birthday was nice, but uneventful. We're having a family dinner/celebration this Sunday though, and I'm going out with a few friends (Alice, and four other people I haven't mentioned here) this Saturday. I'm looking forward to that.

I hurt my foot last week pretty bad. It's still sore, but I can walk without limping or anything. Just hurts when I move my toes too far. But, the way I hurt it gives me some pretty cool bragging rights. I was slacklining. They had the line up at the rock gym again, and I was doing alright. I can take a few steps without leaning on a stick or anything, which is not bad for a beginner. In case I haven't mentioned before, slackline is like a tightrope, only with a little more slack. It looks tight, but when you step on it, it gives and sways. Kind of bounces a bit like a trampoline. Anyway, when you fall off you usually fall to one side, and the line snaps your ankle as your weight slides off of it. It hurts, but not as bad as a bowstring snapping your forearm when shoot an arrow with your elbow locked. That's not what happened. I fell with one leg on either side of the line. I was worried about other things than how my feet would hit the ground. I didn't damage the other things, because the line is only about three feet up, but I landed with my left toes curled under, kind of like a ballet on point thing gone too far. I still climbed, and slacklined after that, but the next morning I was woke up at five from the pain. By Saturday I could walk okay.

Speaking of Saturday, that speed-dating thing was kind of fun. I got, like, seven matches. The girls outnumbered us three to one though, so it's not that great of an accomplishment. I'm especially happy with a couple of matches. Alice, and another girl I kind of like. I will call her Jane. I don't think I've called anyone Jane yet, and Jane is going all millitary here, so it's sort of fitting. I've gone out with both Alice and Jane before, but it was a total set-up thing. That was back a few months ago at the last church run dating game. This one isn't so much of a setup. At least our opinions are taken into account this time.

That sums up my last couple of weeks. So, see you next time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentine's Day

Odd thing, Valentine's Day. I think it's one of the least enjoyed holidays. Just above all those ones that no one is sure what to do with, like Boxing Day. Not that no one appreciates Valentine's Day, just that most dislike it. I've always loved it of course. What's not to love. This one was as special and dear to me as all the rest.

I actually had plans, that's a first, but they were big group kind of plans. Also, it was not an orgy. We just watched some old movie, a bunch of us from church. It was Pillow Talk. Stars Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Not a bad movie, very dated, but funny. Good people there too. Alice was there, but I still don't know what to do with her. We are going to a Moroccan restaurant in a couple of weeks. It will be good to talk to her. I like Moroccan food. I like belly dancers. I like sitting on the floor with no shoes to eat. Moroccan restaurants are freakin' awesome.

In other news, I was talking with Pirate again. He's got some issues with this girl he went out with once. Revenge issues. He thinks she's out to ruin his life, and I talked him out of pulling some crap he'd have to regret later if he has a soul. That sounded harsh. I'm pretty sure he has a soul. Also, he's going to a movie with Jade this weekend. Those crazy messed up kids. Jade by the way is no longer engaged to that guy she got engaged to a couple of weeks after we called it quits. Also, she lives in a junkyard. In a house on junkyard property actually. Whatever vermin live in the junkyard though, she is far better off there than with her mother. Some vermin just can't be tolerated.

There's some kind of dating thing coming up here on Saturday. Another church activity. This one is a speed dating thing. The kind where you have a series of brief conversations with members of the opposite sex, and then submit a confidential list of who that you spoke with you would like to go out with. The lists are compared, and if you both match with a positive rating, phone numbers are shared, special crap happens. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to this thing, or fearing it.

Sunday is my birthday. That I can safely look forward to. Liking that. I'll be a quarter of a century old.

Also, I reviewed my finances today. I've got about 50 bucks in the bank, and I owe about 5000 between credit cards and family. Life. Freakin' education. Freakin' everything. I don't need to be rich or anything. I don't need to drive the nicest car, and live in the biggest house. I just want to have enough money to support myself and my wife/family, assuming I ever go anywhere with that whole thing. I'd like to drive a car that stops all the way when I step on the brake, one where the lights always work, and the pedals never fall limp to the floor. Freakin' broken cables. Also, one that does not leave the occupants smelling oddly of gasoline all day. And, I would like a house big enough for me and my stuff. Big enough to entertain friends, and set up a hydroponic greenhouse.

So, there's a nice update for the month. It's not cheering me up any, so now's about the best time to stop. I'll be sure to let you know if anything cool goes on with the dating thing, or my birthday.