Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rough couple of days

Work's been a hoot lately. While I love driving all over the city checking fire extinguishers as much as anyone, it hasn't been quite as good lately. There's a new person working in the office. She's not all that bad on a personal level, but it's not so great having someone new over me, telling me what to do. It's worse that she has no idea what it's like doing the job. I've never had an employer question me so much about what I'm doing. She'll ask me how long I thing a job will take, and then ask me if I'm maybe being a bit generous with the time I tell her. She'll ask me if the hours I've put down on my time card take into account that I'm not paid for lunch, and then ask if I'm sure when I tell her I've already excluded that time. It will be nice when either she's gotten used to how things run, or I've moved on to better things. Also, she's decided not to give me all the work orders that I'm supposed to do at once, she'll hold on to them, and just give me what she thinks I'll get done in a day or two. This way she can keep better track of me. Wha?

So, yesterday I was walking down the stairs to the basement in the dark. I noticed the smell of crap. If you ever find yourself walking around in the dark and you smell crap, you should turn on the lights quicker than I did. I next felt a couple of strange lumps on the floor under my sock-clad yet unshod foot. There were four piles in the one room, joined, to my dismay, by five larger piles and a large spot of urine in the next room. All this, done by a single dog while I was off at work. I put her nose in the piles, yelled at her, and she still isn't on friendly terms with me yet.

Today, The ceiling in my room leaked. Never mind that there are two floors above me which don't have leaking ceilings. I've got one. There was water all over one side of my desk. My monitor still has some spots where it got splattered, but at least my computer is dry. That's more than I can say for all the paperwork all over my desk. It gave me a chance to go through it all. I threw away anything that wasn't important, dried a few things that were. It's been a hoot.

Here's hoping that nothing sucks for the next couple of days or so.