Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quality if not Quantity

I know I don't post all that often lately, but I just realized how little. I was collecting a few blog posts for I Write Like, and found one at the bottom of the front page from August 16th 2009. In nine days this post would have been exactly one year older than the one at the bottom of the page. I feel bad, but at least you are all getting quality if not quantity. It seems I write like Dan Brown, David Foster Wallace, Dan Brown, and Edgar Allan Poe in the posts Atheist, Haitian Orphans, Freakshow, and Skepticism respectively. I'm not actually familiar with David Foster Wallace, but I hear he writes like Dan Brown and Edgar Allan Poe, and he's got three names (each of which could feasibly be a first or last name), so he's got to be good.

There have been a few things going on. I have a job. It's not anything with chemistry, or a lab, or anything that's good for medical experience, but they do pay money, which I'm going to need if we want to get our own place any time soon. I just need to learn a list of airport/airline codes and acronyms. I'll be working on the ramp at the airport throwing bags. It should be a decent job for the next year during the application process, and MJ should be able to go to part time once I start bringing in the insurance.

The dog has been ill too. Penny's staying up at the in-laws where they are better equipped to let her run around the house and put her out in the yard after her twice daily treatment. My mother in law is great for helping us out with this. Penny has developed a swollen fluid filled cyst on her neck, for which she has been taken to the vet twice to have drained (this is not counting the time Penny scratched it open and it bled out on the deck right in front of my brother in law), and once to have it opened up properly so we can wash it out with a syringe full of betadine twice daily. We need to reopen the incision with the tip of the syringe, and irrigate. I've done it twice, once with MJ and the other with my MIL, who has been good enough to take it on so I don't need to choose between making the 40 minute round trip twice a day, or just living up at her place.

Also, I've got my application for medical school submitted now. I've got five letters from five professors, I have what I hope are good MCAT scores (although I won't really know for ten more days when they release them), and I've got the whole Summa Cum Laude 3.93 GPA (although AMCAS figures GPA differently, so it may be a little different). I've think I've talked up my personal experience section enough, but I'm relying more on my academic record and hopefully MCAT scores a little more than the previous experience. The five lucky schools I've applied to are University of Colorado, University of Utah, Stanford, Yale, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I've also been looking into the Caribbean schools, always popular as a backup, but it's a little tougher to tell what's good.

So, that's about all that's big going on, that and the boys seem to be waking up from their naps, so I'd better go anyway. By the way, this post is also a Dan Brown.