Monday, July 31, 2006


Okay, I don't want to keep anyone on the edge of their seat any longer. By the way, everyone's advice helped me sort out my own thoughts. Anyway, I had a bit of a talk with Myex last night, and I told her that I don't want to give things another try now. I told her that I didn't think she was lying to me, but that I didn't think she really knows what she wants.

She took that about as well as I thought she would. She got a bit angry/sad, and didn't want to talk much more. Then she sent text-messages to the demon tree girl. Not polite ones. Impressively, DT girl was not at all shaken or disturbed. She says she's had people hate her before and has learned not to take it personally.

I hope Myex cools down a bit. I suspect she will when this doesn't really have any effect. She has always been a bit big on the drama. Right now, I'm just enjoying the freedom of being unattached. I know I've been sans-girlfriend for a while now, but it hasn't really felt like it until now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Old Things and New Things

I opened the envelope containing my Colorado EMT certification last weekend. It was good news. I was worried that it would be a notice saying that I forgot to sign or include some part of the application. That wouldn't be so great. I've got to get my IV clinicals set up soon or it will be too late, and I'll have to retake the class in order to get the IV add on to my certification. I tried to contact my teacher about that yesterday. I went down to the school, but he wasn't there. I left a voicemail, but I don't want to leave this all up to him for too long here. I'm on a deadline.

Things with the girl I was dating haven't been going so well. I think it's a little funny that I never could come up with a suitable alias for her here. I'll say one thing for her though, she's not boring. When things were going well with her they went really well. But, when things were going poorly they were painful. They're going poorly now.

She hasn't been my girlfriend for over a month, but we've still been hanging out with each other, more lately that when we first broke up. We've gone on a couple of dates, out to a movie, or lunch. For a long time I've been coming to terms with the fact that she didn't love me. I had even gotten used to it. Now though, she tells me that she really did. She was afraid to say it before.

I know it sounds like that would be a good thing, but what prompted all of this is that I started seeing someone else. I've only been on the one date with this new girl. My ex even told me I should. It made sense to me, since that was what we had decided when we broke up, but now she's not taking it so well.

I don't know what to think about this all. I loved her, I guess I still do in a different way, but I had gotten used to the fact that I needed to find someone else. I like this new girl to. She's a good nine years older than Myex, and about nine years more mature. She's got her problems and issues that she's working through of course, but to be honest I like that she's not perfect. I like that she's nice, and that she seems like a more normal person, less maintenance. I don't want to just drop things with her and try to fix things up with Myex. I'm not saying we've got a whole big relationship going here, seeing how we only ever really went out the once, but there's certainly a strong interest.

Anyway, that's about enough of that. Too much drama all at once probably causes ulcers in your stomach and upper intestine. So, on a happier note, I know were a weird tree is that looks like a demon. I used to just say troll, or goblin, but was really freakin' scary last night. It's always back-lit by the city lights over the horizon, and there was the weirdest lightings storm ever. Lots of really bright flashes, with no sound. Anyway, this new girl thought the tree was as awesome as I did. I didn't drive past it later that night when I was going home though. It freaked me out too much. I've seen it once before but never during the day. I kind of want to, but I think that might ruin it for me. If any of you are interested, let me know I can show you where it is.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


For anyone who I have forgotten to tell, I am nationally registered as an EMT-B. State certification is pending. I'm hoping that that comes through a bit quicker than the first one did.

After that, I need to talk with my teachers and get set up for my IV clinicals to get that EMT-B changed to an EMT-B-IV. That is, assuming I get word back from the state before the deadline lapses for the IV class. I can also start looking for jobs once I've got the state certification.