Monday, August 17, 2009

I just had an interesting text conversation with someone I don't know. Interesting because she seemed just a bit slow. Had to put it up here.

NL: Hey its natalie long i just have a question

Me: What's that? And who are you?

NL: Natalie tays friend

Me: I don't think I know a tay. This is Michael, is that who you're trying to reach?

NL: No isnt this misha

Me: Nope.

NL: Oh sorry

Me: No problem.

NL: Wait do you know mischa and who is this

Me: This is michael, and misha who? I know a misha.

NL: Vicknair

Me: Nope. Don't know them.

NL: Sure cause taylor says its you

Me: Nope. Don't think I know Taylor either.

NL: Uh k

NL: you just texted taylor lol and said your not texting me

Me: I didn't text Taylor. I don't know Taylor. You want to just ask your question?

NL: Yeah what school do you go to and whats your last name

Me: If you don't know, I'm not telling.

NL: Fine bye

Like I said, don't know her. I would have been a bit more terse with her, but MJ and I were having a good laugh at her expense, and hey, free texting.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hear the word of the gods, don't forget it...

I found this code generator for The Battle of Olympus at It doesn't work so well in internet explorer, but it works in firefox. The codes for this game were always a pain to copy down. I've been playing on an emulator recently, so it's not really an issue as I can save by hitting a button, but if anyone (Frik) plans to play this game on the console at any time, and you mis-copy the word of the gods, just go to the site, check the boxes for what you've done already (be honest) and copy down the word.