Friday, December 21, 2007

Hmm, A Mystery!

My comments have vanished. It's traumatic. But seriously, it wasn't that difficult to get to the bottom of. It seems that HaloScan archives comments if you haven't logged on to their website in the last three months, regardless of the fact that you've been using your comments. I logged on, and mystery solved. I should have them showing back up within twenty four hours.

So that was fun. I've also been dealing with various counselors at school, and with my wife's help, I actually found some really helpful ones. I've got myself all signed up for classes for the coming semester. I'll have General Chemistry I, College Physics I, Ethics, and Intro to Psychology. Just the four classes, fifteen credits, because my wife has begged me to take it a little easy this semester as we will be having a child.

For anyone wondering just how much longer I have in school, I think it will be at least two more years. It will take that long just to get through all the science classes (fifteen of them) I need if I want to have a decent MCAT score. I'm not sure just how much longer after that, but there might be a semester or two. Then it's off to medical school. I need to be thinking about where I want to go if CU doesn't work out, and what I would like to specialize in.

By way of movies, I saw and recommend I Am Legend. The previews looked good, but not like something MJ would be able to see just now. Pregnancy hormones are a blast. I saw it with her brother who moved out over the summer. He paid for the last movie we saw, so I owed him. I'll likely rent it after we have the baby so MJ can see it. It might be good to find a copy of the book as well. Apparantly the book's significantly older than the movie, but if it's anything like it it would be worth checking out.