Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wedding Fun

We're back. WDW was a hoot. You'll have to forgive me for not blogging over the past week, I've been busy. You don't have to forgive my blogging habits from before last week though, I was slightly less busy then. Still, I'll work on it. It's good to be home. I was tired and cranky last night after flying all day, but I'm better now.

Thanks to everyone who travelled in for the big event. It means a lot that you were all able to make it, and it was good to see you. We'll have to all get together some time when I'm not all busy getting married. MJ says she loves you all, and she liked meeting you.

I've seen the outside of the trailer I'll be calling home very shortly here. It's in my new neighbor's backyard just now, and will be in my new backyard once my new neighbor's wife gets her crap out of it. She's had a few days, and more than a couple offers from strong nearby men-folk to help move it all, but she wants to do it herself. Not enough to actually get off her butt and do it herself, though. Who knows though. I hear she'll likely have it done today. I'm not holding my breath, but my next post may likely be coming to you from a camper. I'm still not loving the idea, but I've come to accept it as a temporary solution.

That aside, I'm liking this whole married thing so far. Looking forward to finishing off some debts and looking for a slightly more average housing arrangement.