Friday, October 1, 2004

Takes a thief

It seems, unfortunatly, that security is almost always an illusion. And that's not even counting huge things, like nuclear war, and freak terrorist attacks, just your day to day, locking up, keeping safe kind of stuff. They say a lock will not keep out a determined thief. It will only keep an honest man honest.

I have a car with a broken out window. I've covered it up with plastic, but there is nothing to stop someone from punching through it to get inside, so I don't lock my doors. After all, the lock won't keep them out. What keeps them out is the total lack of value in the car, or its contents. It's something intangible. It's like pennies on the sidwalk. No one picks them up.

This whole lack of security thing is why I like to study lockpicking. That, and the couple of times it's actually been useful. I mean, it's not everyday someone loses their keys, but it's nice to be able to help them when they do. I just wish I could get a nice set of lockpicks, instead of the bent pins and crap I'm using. They seem to be restricted here, and I'm not sure how to go about being one of the guys who is allowed to have them. Maybe I should look into some kind of locksmith classes or certification. Nothing that will delay, or get in the way of my current education goals, just another hobby.

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