Wednesday, October 11, 2006


School's going pretty well. I like the tests that I've in my anatomy classes lately. They are a bit more hands on than most tests. They're lab based, or half written half lab. We get to walk around and look at bones or hearts or cats, identify parts with pins in them, and explain what they do. It's not that I mind the usual multiple choice, but these are a nice change.

I've got a potential job lead with the whole EMT thing. It seems I know a guy from church who works at Boulder County Fire. From what I understand, an EMT over there has more in common with a chauffeur than he has in common with a paramedic, but experience is experience, and I need some experience on paper to start paramedic classes. They work three twelve hour shifts a week. It may make my schedule a bit tight, but shouldn't be too much of a difficulty, especially if I can study between calls at work.

Well, I'd hate to speculate any further about this job. Something about counting chickens before they hatch.

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