Sunday, November 4, 2012

Good Barbecue

The following has been sitting as a draft for a couple of months at least (which means I could have just logged in and hit Publish when Bridget was giving be crap about not posting). I figure I should post it before I write this next post. If you don't see a next post within a day or two, know that it's in my drafts and I'm slacking again.
So, I made the best chicken thighs on the grill the other day. They were still mostly frozen when they went on, so I had to keep the heat low so I could thaw and cook them through, but it seems that just gave the charcoal and hickory chunks more time to do their smokey magic. Also, it meant we weren't eating until nine. This worked out well enough for us, but it was a little late for the in-laws who are normally in bed by then.

One of the best parts though, was when my youngest saw the bone from the chicken, and said, "a doggy bone!" We had to keep him in the room with us so he didn't actually give it to the dogs, but he liked noshing on it for a while. The next day when I warmed up and ate the last piece, he didn't have any interest, until he saw the bone, and made it clear that he wanted another doggy bone. I had to get it from him when he finished the chicken, and started to gnaw off the end of the bone itself. The man likes himself some barbecue. I'll have to see if I can interest him in a whole piece next time.

In other news, we are painting our house. The inside looked so much better by the time we moved in compared to when we bought it (thanks to all the family helping with that), but the outside still looks pretty sad. I've been pulling off some of the "extras" that litter the outside walls, the old house numbers, an old plastic thermometer, a whole mess of wires (all phone and cable were just ran around the outside of the house, and drilled in to make the jacks), and the ugliest railing I've ever seen, which had to be a good three feet deep, including a couple of feet of concrete. I wish the fence posts were so well set.
Just by way of update, the house looks much better with the new paint, but I still have got to get on the trim. I also have some landscaping that needs to be taken care of, but that's another project entirely.


Samara said...

Whaaat. New post? You should have posted back when I was giving you crap about not posting. :)

Asher's cute, though. Doggie bones are the best.

Susie said...

The meat is always sweetest next to the bone. Pork chops especially. The boy knows whereof he speaks.

Berserk said...

I've also got a landscaping project hanging over my head... renting an apartment sounds better and better!